Conference Program

TSC 2019 includes plenary sessions, in-depth workshops, concurrent presentations, poster sessions, and art, book, and technology exhibits. The program overview provides an informative guide, showing the surface structure of the conference, with each day on a double page. Further details including abstracts of all posters and talks will be online in early May. 


Confirmed Speakers

  • Harald Atmanspacher, Collegium Helveticum Zurich  [details]
  • Nathaniel Barrett, University of Navarra  [details]
  • Paco Calvo, University of Murcia [details]
  • Olivia Carter, University of Melbourne [details]
  • David Chalmers, New York University
  • Thomas Filk, University of Freiburg  [details]
  • Christopher Fuchs, University of Massachusetts at Boston  [details]
  • Kathryn Hall, Harvard University  [details]
  • Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona at Tucson  [details]
  • Nicholas Humphrey, Cambridge University  [details]
  • Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University  [details]
  • Matthew Johnson, Johns Hopkins University [details]
  • Jeffrey Kripal, Rice University Houston  [details]
  • Chauncey Maher, Dickinson College, Carlisle  [details]
  • George Mashour, University of Michigan Medical School  [details]
  • Martine Nida-Rümelin, University of Fribourg [details]
  • Roger Penrose, Oxford University
  • Katrin Preller, University of Zurich  [details]
  • Felix Scholkmann, University of Zurich  [details]
  • William Seager, University of Toronto  [details]
  • Mark Solms, University of Cape Town  [details]
  • Olaf Sporns, Indiana University Bloomington  [details]
  • Eors Szathmary, Ecological Research Center Tihany  [details]

Confirmed In-Depth Workshops

  • Psychedelics – organized by Selen Atasoy, Oxford University  [details]  
  • Anesthesia and Consciousness – organized by Travis Craddock, Nova Southeastern Uni. Ft. Lauderdale  [details]
  • Bodily Consciousness – organized by Peter Brugger, University of Zurich  [details]
  • Time – organized by Anne Giersch, University of Strasbourg  [details]
  • Panpsychism and Dual Aspect Monism – organized by Philip Goff, Durham University  [details]
  • Critical Neuroscience – organized by Peter beim Graben, University of Cottbus  [details]
  • Anticipatory Consciousness – organized by Scott Jordan, Illinois State University at Normal  [details]
  • Bistable Perception – organized by Jürgen Kornmeier, University of Freiburg  [details] 
  • Conscious and Unconscious Processes – organized by Albert Newen, University of Bochum  [details]
  • Insight – organized by Michael Öllinger, Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking, Pullach  [details]
  • Free Will and Quantum Agency – organized by Paavo Pylkkänen, Helsinki University  [details]
  • Embodied Critical Thinking – organized by Donata Schoeller, University of Koblenz  [details]
  • Mind-Body Reciprocity – organized by Wolfgang Tschacher, University of Bern  [details]
  • Quantum Biology – organized by Jack Tuszynski, Politechnico di Torino [details]

  Integrated East-West Forum – organized by Vishal Sahni, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra


Program Committee 

  • Selen Atasoy, Oxford University
  • Harald Atmanspacher,  Collegium Helveticum Zurich
  • Anne Giersch, University of Strasbourg
  • Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona at Tucson
  • George Mashour, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • Paavo Pylkkänen, University of Helsinki
  • William Seager, University of Toronto