Conference Program

TSC 2019 includes plenary sessions, in-depth workshops, concurrent presentations, poster sessions, and  book and technology exhibits. The program overview provides an informative guide, showing the surface structure of the conference, with each day on a double page. The detailed program is now accessible too. 


Abstracts of workshops, east-west forum, plenary talks, concurrent sessions and posters are all included in the abstracts section of the conference booklet. Poster presenters will be able to locate whether their presentation is scheduled for the session on Wednesday June 26 or Thursday June 27. 

A/V documentations of all plenary sessions are now available online.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Harald Atmanspacher, Collegium Helveticum Zurich  [details]
  • Nathaniel Barrett, University of Navarra  [details]
  • Paco Calvo, University of Murcia [details]
  • Olivia Carter, University of Melbourne [details]
  • David Chalmers, New York University
  • David Edelman, Dartmouth College [details]
  • Thomas Filk, University of Freiburg  [details]
  • Christopher Fuchs, University of Massachusetts at Boston  [details]
  • Kathryn Hall, Harvard University  [details]
  • Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona at Tucson  [details]
  • Nicholas Humphrey, Cambridge University  [details]
  • Eva Jablonka, Tel Aviv University  [details]
  • Matthew Johnson, Johns Hopkins University [details]
  • Jeffrey Kripal, Rice University Houston  [details]
  • Chauncey Maher, Dickinson College, Carlisle  [details]
  • George Mashour, University of Michigan Medical School  [details]
  • Martine Nida-Rümelin, University of Fribourg [details]
  • Roger Penrose, Oxford University [details]
  • Katrin Preller, University of Zurich  [details]
  • Felix Scholkmann, University of Zurich  [details]
  • William Seager, University of Toronto  [details]
  • Mark Solms, University of Cape Town  [details]
  • Olaf Sporns, Indiana University Bloomington  [details]

Confirmed In-Depth Workshops

  • Psychedelics – organized by Selen Atasoy, Oxford University  [details]  
  • Anesthesia and Consciousness – organized by Travis Craddock, Nova Southeastern Uni. Ft. Lauderdale  [details]
  • Bodily Consciousness – organized by Peter Brugger, University of Zurich  [details]
  • Time – organized by Anne Giersch, University of Strasbourg  [details]
  • Panpsychism and Dual Aspect Monism – organized by Philip Goff, Durham University  [details]
  • Critical Neuroscience – organized by Peter beim Graben, University of Cottbus  [details]
  • Anticipatory Consciousness – organized by Scott Jordan, Illinois State University at Normal  [details]
  • Bistable Perception – organized by Jürgen Kornmeier, University of Freiburg  [details] 
  • Conscious and Unconscious Processes – organized by Albert Newen, University of Bochum  [details]
  • Insight – organized by Michael Öllinger, Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking, Pullach  [details]
  • Free Will and Quantum Agency – organized by Paavo Pylkkänen, Helsinki University  [details]
  • Embodied Critical Thinking – organized by Donata Schoeller, University of Koblenz  [details]
  • Mind-Body Reciprocity – organized by Wolfgang Tschacher, University of Bern  [details]
  • Quantum Biology – organized by Jack Tuszynski, Politechnico di Torino [details]

  Integrated East-West Forum – organized by Vishal Sahni, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra


Program Committee 

  • Selen Atasoy, Oxford University
  • Harald Atmanspacher,  Collegium Helveticum Zurich
  • Anne Giersch, University of Strasbourg
  • Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona at Tucson
  • George Mashour, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • Paavo Pylkkänen, University of Helsinki
  • William Seager, University of Toronto